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Why premium denim??

OK, I know…premium denim can be a scary purchase. So I thought that maybe I could make that investment purchase a lil less daunting.

Denim can be as scary as trying on your first bikini of the season. Like as exciting as heading to the dentist. BUT there is a moment when you try on the perfect pair of jeans, the one that lifts and holds your booty, and you feel like the absolute BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Today everyone thinks they are denim experts. EVERYONE. But there is definitely a denim culture. True denim experts. Jeans that don’t stretch out after one wear. That’s why buying premium is so important. ALL JEANS ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY. I was fortunate enough to have worked as a merchandiser for the women’s premium denim shop at Bloomie’s in the USA. Working amongst some of the best denim in the world I know denim like I know myself. The thing about premium is they just wear better. Literally, they wear better. They get softer and softer and more fabulous with each wear.

As a boutique owner I wanted to curate a range of denim that I truly love and live in myself. Mother denim is that brand to me. It is all about fit and fabric. My Mother denim converted clients often say “OMG they are the softest jeans I have ever worn.” And here’s they thing they give, THEY DON’T stretch out. Denim is made on a scale of super rigid to high elastane. Think 90’s when we would lay on the floor to zip our jeans. YEAH…those are pre elastane. Then the technology advanced and stretch jeans were created. The thing is some stretch jeans are not great quality…This is where you get the jeans that STRETCH OUT.

The awesome thing about MOTHER denim is your have your choice of styles from super flare which looks fabulous on e very silhouette, to your classic high waisted straight leg. Your choice of rigid (but the softest rigid you will ever wear) to higher percentage of elastane with a bit more flex. No matter what your choice the beauty of premium denim is the way they fit every BODY type.

Don’t take our word for it though. Google celebs in MOTHER denim and you’ll see everyone from Gigi to Reece rocking them.

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