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Huh… What’s trans seasonal?!

At Love Spell you will frequently hear myself and the team chat about trans seasonal dressing. But what does that actually mean…I mean there is like four different spellings for it. Since I was a little girl, literally, my mom would tell me to change my seasonal clothes over in my closet. I hated this. I wanted to layer and keep everything in one place. Today it’s actually gaining popularity with the slow fashion movement! Who wants to invest in a fashion item and wear it for only one season?! I am a firm believer that fashion investment pieces should be loved and worn ALL YEAR LONG! This is all about four seasons….one wardrobe. Think 90’s grunge…when we were all about babydoll dresses and combat boots! Layer that with an oversized chunky knit…and voila spring to autumn dressing. Today everything is about sustainability and slow, thoughtful fashion. So through thoughtful curations to your purchases you will have investment items that will last you through the years. Fast fashion is dead. I mean who doesn’t love their next fav layering piece. Buying seasonally is over. Finding your forEVA trans-seasonal dressing is in! The more investment pieces you buy the more longevity you have in your drobe. Still confused? Book a personal shopping experience at Love Spell. Bring your fav pieces and let us help you repurpose and style them. Just pleaseeeeee…stop wearing items once! Fashion is about play! You’ve got this!

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